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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Rejoice, Celebrate



qing ( Putonghua, 4th ),

hing ( Cantonese 3nd tone ).

Meaning: rejoice, celebrate.

慶幸 ( qing xing ) rejoice fortune / fortunate = feeling thankful about something.
(e.g. passing an exam, narrowly missing a plane crash ).
慶祝 ( qing zhu ) rejoice congratulate = celebrate.
慶豐收 ( qing feng shou ) peasants celebratete abundant gather = celabrate the harvest.
慶捷 (qing jie ) Armies celebratete victory.
慶典 (qing dian ) rejoice ceremony = means celebration ceremony.
畢業典禮 ( bi ye qing dian ) end studiescelebration ceremony = graduation ceremony.
普天同慶 ( pu tian tong qing ) all heavens together rejoice = describes something universally celebrated, e.g. new year's Day.

積善之家, 必有餘慶 ( ji shan zhi jia, bi you yu qing ) accumulate goodness-'s family, definitely has extra celebrations, means a philanthropic family will overflow with blessings.

By: Raymond Mok 莫坤雄

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