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Chinese Word 中文漢字

Saturday, 27 December 2008




bin ( Putonghua, 1st tone ),
ban ( Cantonese 1st tone)

Meaning: guest.

賓客 (bin Ke ) guest visitor = guest.
賓主 ( bin zhu ) guest host = guest and host,
賓館 ( bin guan ) guest house means hotal.
西賓 ( xi bin ) west guest means a private teacher / assistant lodging with the host family.

迎賓 ( ying bin ) welcome guests are receptionists at a party.
貴賓 ( gui bin ) elevated status guest means honored guest.
主賓 ( zhu bin ) main guest = principal guest.
陪客 ( pei ke ) accompanying guests are additional guests invited to enliven conversation, atmosphere etc.
賓至如歸 ( bin zhi ru gui ) guests arrive like returning home describes a successful reception which makes guests feel very much at home.

相敬如賓 ( xiang jing ru bin ) mutually respect like guests describes a model couple's loving respect for eash other.

By: Raymond Mok 莫坤雄

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