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Saturday, 27 December 2008

East, Host



dong ( Putonghua, 1st tone ),

dung ( Cantonese 1st tone )

Meaning: east, host

東方 ( dong fang ) east side = the East / Orient.
東洋 ( dong yang ) east ocean means Japan.
東南亞 ( dong nan ya ) east south asia = southeast Asia.

Traditionally, the host family occupied the east wing of the family residence, and guests occupied the west wing.

東家 ( dong jia ) thus, east family means employer,
做東 ( zuo dong ) act east means playing host, paying for the expenses.

東方紅 ( dong fang hong ) The East is Red, a songs and dances performance glorifying China.
西風東漸 ( xi feng dong jian ) west wind east gradual means western practices are coming to the East.
東風壓倒西風( dong feng ya dao xi feng ) Mao's statement = east wind press fall west wind means the East will eventually overtake the West in progress.

By: Raymond Mok莫坤雄

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