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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Banquest, Formal meal, Throw a banquet,



yan ( Putonghua, 4th tone ),
yin ( Cantonese 3rd tone )

meaning: Banquest, Formal meal, Throw a banquet,

宴會 ( yan hui ) banguet meeting = banquet.
國宴 ( quo yan ) state banquet.
家宴 ( jia yan ) family banquet.
設宴 ( she yan ) arrange banquet = means play host and throwing a dinner party.

婚宴 ( hun yan ) wedding banquet.
公宴 ( gong yan ) colleagues / office banquet = means a company dinner, not a private dineer.
慶功宴 ( qing gong yan ) winning teans hold = celebrate success banquets.
齊宴 ( zhai yan ) Buddhist followers hold = vegetarian banquets = diners without meat dishes.
羅漢請觀音 ( luo han qing guan yin ) Lohans treat Guanyin = means friends jointly invite a single guest to dinner.

鴻門宴 ( hong men yan ) Hong Gate Banquet is a banquet given in honor of a guest with a conspiracy to arrest / kill him.

By: Raymond Mok 莫坤雄

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