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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Ability, Power, Energy


Pronunciation: neng ( Putonghua, 2nd tone ),
( Cantonese 4th tone ).

meaning: ability, power, energy.

The noun 能 means power / energy:
太陽能 ( tai yang neng ) sun energy = solar energy.
熱能 ( ri neng ) heat energy.
原子能 ( yuan zi neng) yuan zi 原子 = atom is atomic energy.
能力 ( neng li )
ability strength means ability / power.

The verb means" can" / "permitted",
鳥能飛 (niao neng fei )
= birds can fly.

不能進去 ( bu neng jin qu )
no permitted enter = entrance forbidden.

能 幹 ( neng gan )
can do/work = describes somebody who is capable and competent.

交際能力 ( jiao ji neng li ) jiao ji = socialize is ability to mix with people.
性無能 ( xing wu neng )
xing 性 = sex, wu 無 = having none is sexual impotence.

By: Raymond Mok 莫坤雄

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